ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS: This Assignment will not be accepted late. This is a fi

This Assignment will not be accepted late. This is a firm deadline.
Worth 10% of your final grade
Write a short essay in .docx or .pdf format (1-2 pages, approx. 500 words (+/- 50 words)) on a topic or concept that was previously unknown to you or on an opinion about which you changed your views this semester (in this course). Explain in your own words what your initial understanding and or opinion was and the evidence or experience that informed your new understanding. This is about you so please draw extensively from your own experience but also use the course material we looked at this semester and be sure to explain it thoroughly and cite it in APA. Please also discuss any questions you still have related to this topic and ways in which you might further explore it and inform yourself.
Please do not just summarise the course content from one of the Learning Units. The purpose of this assignment is similar to that of a reflective journal in which you reflect on your own learning and personal growth. For example, as an undergrad a friend took a full-year course on climate change. If she were given this assignment in that course, she might write about how previous to the course, she had been afraid of studying physics, and would not have signed up for the course if she had known that climate science relies heavily on physics. Because of the way that the material was presented, she didn’t realize that she was learning physics. By the end of the course, she had a strong grasp of fluid dynamics from studying the way that air masses behave in the atmosphere. She has now applied this knowledge and skill in other areas. For example, she used her understanding of atmospheric movements to model lake water movements when completing her MSc.
Be Concise: If you go over 550 words, the penalty will be 1 mark out of 10 per 50 words over. (e.g., 550 words = no penalty, 551-600 words = 1 mark penalty; 601-650 words = 2 mark penalty; and so on. The word limit does not include the reference list or title.)”
I tried to attach a zip file here but it was too large to upload here so I uploaded it to my Google Drive above. It includes lecture notes in the Learning Modules folder and some of my assignments and instructions if you want to use those as references for the reflection.
If you need to use sources, use as many as needed, the professor did not mention a limit.
If there’s anything that needs further clarification, let me know and I’ll get back as soon as I can. Thanks and best regards!

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