Can you please write this in an essay form. I need this by 9 am est so you have

Can you please write this in an essay form. I need this by 9 am est so you have 10 hours
Group experience Evaluation
• write about social work and why group work is important
• we were doing a project for NJTogeathr and we all had to work in a group
• professor put me, katie and lusia in one group because we were all discussing moms
• I was put in a group with Katie who is young and recently finished her bachelors, second group member was Luisa who was a teacher for past 11 years and came back to do her master’s in social work.
• Once we were put in a group, we did not meet in person to work, the only communication we had was via text messages.
• A day later I get a message from Katie saying that her and Luisa got into some conflict, and she is going to ask the professor that she wants to work by herself.
• Because of their differences they were not able to work together
• Then it was me and lusia, I was doing my assessment on Mothers during covid-19 and social anxiety.
• Luisa was doing hers on mothers who were addicted to different drugs, and they were in rehab
• There were 7 parts to this assignment and we decided that I will do 1, 2 and 3 and she will do 4, 5, and 6, last part I did my part and send it to her.
• We met at the writing center to work on part 1 and part 2
• Part 3 was due during the thanksgiving break, somehow me and lusia were not in contact and Luisa asked professor couple of times for extension.
• This was kinda frustrating because I did not know why she was not answering the phone.
• Later I found out that she tested positive of COVID-19 but by that time I had already submitted my part 3 and asked the professor that I don’t want to work with her.
• Professor emailed both of us saying that from here on we should work separate.
• Part 4 was the action organizing and it was due on dec 12th but I submitted mine on Dec 14th.
• Then part 5 was due on Dec 14th and I submitted that on Dec 13th.
• I made sure to submit all the parts prior to due date because I wanted my professor to know that it was not me who was late on submitting part 3
• I think because of lack of communication we were not able to stay in this group. When u read messages sometimes u don’t read what the other person is trying to say instead you read what u perceive.
• I don’t think this group experience was bad I learned to make different efforts to get in touch with group members.
• Also I realized even though I was working in a group I shold have still finished my part 3 of the assignment on time.
• The reason I tried to stay and work in this group was because in professional life there are going to be many times when we are not going to get along with our coworkers but we have to put our differences aside and do it.

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