Explain one topic from class in a comprehensive way, using 2-3 sources from clas

Explain one topic from class in a comprehensive way, using 2-3 sources from class, and illustrating how the topic changed over time.
For the purpose of this paper, you must pick a topic that will allow you to explain a change over time.** This is a history paper. It is not a paper “All about this…” or “argue for or against something.”
Sources: Your paper should focus on using the readings to explain your theme. You should not rely on internet sources, although you can use one reliable internet source if you need to for reference if necessary. You should focus on 2-3 class readings. PowerPoints and videos can be included, but do not count in your 2-3 sources.
Paper Outline/Draft
Students will hand in a paper outline or draft early. I will give comments, if there is enough information to comment upon. A good idea will be to identify your topic and sources you plan to use.
• Accurate and in-depth description of sources.
• Placing the sources within their time period. Illustrating a knowledge of the historical period(historical context). Not treating the source like it is a present-day source. Not treating something from 1900 like it is from 1800, etc.
• Discussion of whether these sources show historical change or not.
• Demonstrate knowledge of your topic.
• Demonstrate knowledge of this course.
• Include an introduction and conclusion.
• Use of a paragraph structure that is organized. Generally, one main idea per paragraph.
• Paper is 3-4 full pages, 12 point font, double spaced.
• Use basic citations, stating what source is used, and page numbers.
• Use a page number citation when quoting or referring to an idea from a source.
• Include a Bibliography or Works Cited. Include title, author, date. ( I will not be that strict with the format)
• If professor makes comments on your Outline, which you do not attend to, you can get points deducted.
Note: This is not a paper which informs the reader about modern science or reproduction, or argues for or against abortion. It is a historical paper that explains your topic at various time periods of history. If you write a paper that argues for or against a political topic, you will not get a good grade.

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