For this assignment, you will write a mock research proposal for an ethnomusicol

For this assignment, you will write a mock research proposal for an ethnomusicology project of your choice. You may choose a genre of music that is in the textbook or one that is not. For this project, I want you to pretend that you are applying for funding to “go to the field” and do your ethnographic research. You will want to answer the who, what, when, where, why, and how questions. Imagine that the deciding committee is made up of ethnomusicologists, anthropologists, and social scientists who will understand basic music jargon, but you should explain your project with enough detail to show that you know your stuff. Furthermore, beyond just researching a particular genre of music, I want you to think about what social element or issue that relates to that music you will plan to research (you may consider class, race, gender, history, pedagogy, organology, politics, social movements, social media, postcolonialism, globalization, or other topics we have touched on in class). The assignment should be written in paragraph form and include the following:
Your name and a Descriiptive title
Introduction paragraph: What is your main topic? What are your research questions? Do you have a hypothesis or argument you will try to prove with your research?
Background/literature review: What basic information do you need to provide so the audience understands the general setting of your research? Include 1-2 academic (peer-reviewed) outside sources (not including the textbook, but you could include the text as an extra source). Here you will show that you know enough about the genre in general that you can build on that knowledge when you arrive in the field.
Methods: What methods will you use? Be as specific as possible; who might you interview? What might you observe? Where will you go and for how long? Will you do any archival research? Who will you work with or who will help you do your research, answer your questions, find your way? Have you done any preparation (e.g., learn a language or an instrument), or do you plan on doing some when you arrive in the field? Have you been to this country before?
Significance of project: Your final paragraph should discuss why your project is significant (and thus worth funding, but you do not need to provide a budget in this proposal). What contribution is THIS research making to the field of ethnomusicology? This may tie into your introduction paragraph and what social element/issue you are researching. You should also address what you plan to do with this research: write an academic article? Write a book? Make a documentary? An undergraduate thesis? Do a presentation when you get back? Make a collaborative album with some of your research participants?
Bibliography: make sure you cite your 1-2 sources properly using Chicago Manual author-date format (this is standard in the field of ethnomusicology). Sources must be peer-reviewed, academic sources. WIKIPEDIA WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AS A SOURCE.
The proposal should be Times New Roman font, size 12, double spaced
The Proposal should be 500-750 words, NOT INCLUDING the name, title, or bibliography

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