For this essay assignment, you will formally compare and contrast two photograph

For this essay assignment, you will formally compare and contrast two photographs of your choosing that, seen together, meaningfully illustrate your argument and connections to history. I am not going to assign the works for you to compare but am giving you the freedom to select pieces on your own that resonate with you and that you believe are significant individually but even more compelling when discussed together.
This is your chance to be creative and assert your scholarly voice and aesthetic taste. In addition to a visual analysis of the photographs, I will expect you to unpack their inherent meaning as single images and argue why your pairing of them together is an effective and persuasive one. Remember, at this point in the semester I expect you to delve deeper than a surface formal analysis so be sure you craft and assert an argument.
Considering we still can’t easily visit art in person these days, you’re welcome to write on any photographs you find online. Be mindful that your paper adhere to a clear, organized structure with an overarching thesis.
You must write about photographs! This may sound obvious but every semester a student or two will write on paintings so I thought I would clarify here
You must select work that we did not discuss in class
Paper length: 4-6 pages
You do not need to consult any outside sources for your paper except your own experience in front of the work. In other words, this paper does not require library or Internet research. However, you may include information written on labels that might accompany the object or featured on the museums’ websites. Be sure that IF you do consult these sources, that you provide proper citations in MLA format.
Use a 12-point, Times New Roman font, normal margins, no extra spaces between paragraphs, etc. Proper formatting and presentation count toward your grade.
Be sure you have carefully edited your paper and have had a second and even third person read it before you submit it. The paper will be graded strictly in terms of both content and writing proficiency (this includes grammar and ability to clearly convey your thoughts).

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