I am writing a short but dense paper on the policies of Tesla. These are the ins

I am writing a short but dense paper on the policies of Tesla.
These are the instructions.
“Policies as they relate to stakeholders, both internal and external, prioritized according to what impacts the business: (its involvement in the political process through lobbying and political contributions). Conduct in-depth research and analysis of the business ethics of the tesla company. The report should assess the effectiveness of a company’s business ethics programs across key topic areas. These topics should be assessed relative to the company’s corporate governance system, strength of policies, performance trend over time, and against its industry or peers. Analysis should include the broader societal implications of the company’s actions and how various stakeholders may be impacted. ”
Below are two links that need to be compared in the paper.
The first link has a section of policy on page 26-28
The second link is Teslas money for lobbying with politicians.
If needed please look up other sources and add them to the paper.

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