I need you to do assignments week 3, 4,5 and 11 for me. Assignment 3 W3: Explai

I need you to do assignments week 3, 4,5 and 11 for me.
Assignment 3
Explain in what ways colonialism led to underdevelopment in the colonies. Make sure you discuss why and how colonialism left a lasting legacy in developing nations, the de-industrialization impact of colonialism, the biased nature of colonial infrastructure, terms of trade, economic dualism, transfers from the colonies to Europe (colonial drain) and path-dependency in post-colonial situations.
Assignment 4
Write a brief essay in which you compare and contrast Adam Smith’s and Karl Marx’s approaches to economic growth and development. What are the important factors behind economic growth and development according to them? How do they complement or contradict each other?
Assignment 5
Discuss Alice Amsden’s contributions to the theory of development and compare and constrast her arguments with the others discussed in Chapter 5.
Week 11 Assignment
Construct a table listing the potential effects of inward foreign direct investment on developing countries. In one column, list the possible benefits of FDI, in a second column, list the possible negative effects FDI can bring. Some of these effects may be political, others economic, social, or environmental. Briefly explain each potential benefit and each potential cost.
I’m going to attach additional soures to use and the textbook as well.
Title: The Process of Economic Development
Author: James M. Cypher
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group
Publication Date: April 24, 2014

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