In our exploration of the Renaissance as it began in Italy and spread across Eur

In our exploration of the Renaissance as it began in Italy and spread across Europe, we looked at the Renaissance “rebirth” in European art, architecture, literature, and theatre. As part of the English Renaissance, William Shakespeare was one of the artists influenced by the recovery of ancient Greek and Roman artefacts which were copied, translated and, in the case of writing, printed and shared across Europe.
The enthusiasm for these classical rediscoveries was led by humanists and characterized by the humanist passion for learning; a new curiosity about the world and the place of human beings in it; a growing ambivalence towards previous concepts of the universe which had been dictated by religion; and a view of human beings as individuals – social beings whose concerns, ideas, and inquiries were central and valuable.
With these things in mind, where do you find the English Renaissance in the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream? How does the production reinforce or re-imagine these aspects of the English Renaissance? Choose a few specific examples from what you see and hear to use in your writing. Your response should be 3 (full)-4 paragraphs.
Please follow these formatting guidelines:
Use Times New Roman or Calibri 12-point font;
1-inch margins all around;
Begin with a single-spaced heading in the upper left-hand corner of your first page using this format:
Your first and last name
THEA 401
The date written out in full (e.g. December 2, 2021)
Single-space down twice and give your response a title (centered);
Double-space your paragraphs;
Italicize the play title each time you use it;
Note the name of the director in full as you introduce the production.
If you go on to discuss elements of direction, refer to the director by his last name;
If you discuss any design elements, please note the designer’s name in full the first time you mention them. Use their last name thereafter.
Please spell-check your document before uploading it.
Due by 6pm.

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