In Unit 5 you were asked to write a review of a scholarlay journal article. In t

In Unit 5 you were asked to write a review of a scholarlay journal article. In this unit, you have the opportunity to improve your review using the suggestions and comments on your draft. In case you forgot, here is a review of the guidelines you can use while writing your review.
1) A journal review is a special type of summary of a scientific article that the student selects and reads from a scientific journal. Journals are available online through a College Library. Newspaper articles and articles from magazines such as Time, Newsweek, or Scientific American are not acceptable for this assignment. You must use a peer-reviewed, research based article. When choosing an article make sure to chose one that focuses on research rather than just a review of the topic.
2) The review should not be over a page in length single spaced, or two pages in length double spaced. The review has several key components as follows:
a) Your name, section, and date at the top of the paper. This is followed by:
b) The author(s), year of publication, article title, and journal citation. This should be in the CSE (Counsel of Science Editors) format. See the Information Literacy Lab to see examples of how to cite articles in CSE format. Please note: if the article has been published in a journal, use the print citation format rather than the internet format, even if you found and read the article online
c) Statement of what the article is about and why the research is important. This serves as your introduction to the review, and should try to “hook” the reader so they will read all of the review.
d) Brief description of the procedures or methods used in conducting the research. Although you are being brief, you want to try to be as specific as possible. Think about what the researchers did, step-by-step from the beginning to end of the experiments.
e) Summary of the research results and conclusions. Try to provide specific numbers for the different groups, as well as a description of the results.
f) This is usually followed by statements of what you (as the article reviewer) thought about the research. In other words, did you think the research was valid; did it stimulate you to want to know more; could the researchers have done other things that they didn’t do? These statements are what make this a journal review and not just a summary. This is where I will expect to see critical thinking on your part. Not just a statement of “I really enjoyed learning about this subject”.

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