Mini Research Paper: Oral Presentation<You will choose one of the three Mini

Mini Research Paper: Oral Presentation<
You will choose one of the three Mini Research Papers you have written this session. The bank president has asked you to present your research to the board of directors. They are looking for someone to head up a new department. In this professional presentation, you should highlight key areas of your research.<
Presentation Requirements<
You may use narrated PowerPoint, Prezi, or any other presentation software of choice.<
Your presentation should be 5–7 minutes long. (For professional purposes, it should not go over 7 minutes, nor be under 5 minutes.)<
Your presentation should have 5 to 10 slides, but could vary depending on the topic.<
Be sure to include a reference slide.<
Your presentation should be visually appealing with graphics, color, transitions, and so forth.<
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