My topic of my essay is why is Gun violence in the US such a big problem. Explai

My topic of my essay is why is Gun violence in the US such a big problem. Explain why it is a big problem with 3 reasons in your thesis.<
The purpose of an argumentative essay, as the name suggests, is to argue your, the author’s, point of view on a specific topic. Your thesis consists of your argumentative claim about your selected Topic (Claim = topic + perspective) as well as a glimpse at how you plan to convince your readership to agree with your claim (reasons/premises). For example, if you were writing an essay on gun control, you would have to first ask yourself, “on what side of this issue do I stand?” The answer to that question will provide you with your “perspective.” The topic is already provided in that “gun control” is the main subject under discussion. Finally, you need to figure out how you are going to set-up your argument. What reasons/premises do you plan to make to win the reader over to your point of view?<
Sample Thesis Statement:<
A possible thesis for this assignment could look something like the following:<
Gun control is a bad and ultimately dangerous idea because it creates an unsafe society, tampers with the Constitution, and blurs the line between government and personal responsibility.<
Topic = “gun control”<
2.) Perspective = “a bad and dangerous idea”<
Reasons/Premises = “Unsafe society, Constitutional manipulation, and blurred lines between government and individual…”<
*For Paper #4, you need to design a thesis statement explaining WHAT you think is one of the biggest problems facing “us” (as a college, a city, a state, a country, or a planet) nowadays and have at least three reasons WHY it made it to the top, or near the top, of your list.<
Topic = “???”<
Perspective = “one of the biggest problems facing _____”<
Reasons/Premises = “???”<
Body of your Argument:<
Each of your body paragraphs, then, is going to focus on proving each of your commentary elements. Start off, as always, with a topic sentence that introduces the basic subject of your body paragraph – let your reader know which premise is the focus of the paragraph. <
Follow that up with an example illustrating your point to be made about the paragraph’s given premise. If you have additional examples to support one of your premises, you can start another paragraph and link the examples’ paragraphs with transitions or incorporate it into the same paragraph after analyzing/explaining the first provided example. In this essay assignment, your examples should be directly quoted passages (however long or short they may be) from credible sources. You are required to have AT LEAST two different sources used within your essay but you may have one different one used within each of your three body paragraphs. Your researched quotes should work to represent the three different types of rhetorical techniques discussed in-class (pathos, logos, ethos). We will discuss in-class the proper method and formatting for quoting and citing secondary sources in our writing.<
Lastly, follow each example up with your own analysis explaining how the quoted passage one of your researched sources illustrates the paragraph’s premise and your essay’s overall thesis’s claim that your topic is “one of the biggest problems facing _____.”<
Be sure to revisit/reword your main point/thesis statement as well as wrap-up the more important and more persuasive points/examples in a brief concluding paragraph at the end of your essay. <
Organizational Requirements:<
Be sure that your essay effectively uses and properly organizes the following in order to earn the best grade possible:<
1.) Introduction<
Hook Statement<
Thesis Statement<
2.) Multiple Body Paragraphs<
each containing…<
Topic Sentence – specifying a premise from your thesis/claim<
Example(s) – cited quote(s) from researched source<
3.) Conclusion<
Restated Thesis<
Brief summary of your best/main points<
Research Requirements:<
Because this assignment requires you to quote readings from outside of our ENG 101 Course Readings, you will need to utilize the RU Library’s databases and take time to find at least TWO useful readings that you will quote and incorporate into your Essay #4 assignment. When deciding on your readings, keep the rhetorical requirement in mind.<
Note: when searching through the library’s databases, don’t forget…<
To play around with “keyword” searches<
To ensure you are searching for “full-text” articles when possible<
Other Requirements:<
3 pg minimum and 5 pg maximum<
Presence of AT LEAST two cited/quoted sources within the essay<
Works Cited Page included (doesn’t count towards the minimum page count)<
MLA formatting (1st page materials, margins, spacing, etc.)

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