Organization of your Proposal: 1. Title, and your names 2. Summary (200 words) –

Organization of your Proposal:
1. Title, and your names
2. Summary (200 words)
-this section briefly describes the importance of your
project, the research question(s), the model organism
and experimental methods, results and conclusion.
3. Introduction/Background, and Objectives
-this section describes the background research and
places your study in context. It identifies the gaps in our
current understanding, and how the study addressed
those gaps.
-Describe 2-3 Objectives for the project. Also describe
the hypotheses for each Objective.
4. Experimental Approach.
-Here, describe the experimental methods that you
used to address your objectives and test your hypotheses.
You can use figures for your methods. Describe any
statistics that you used in your analyses.
5. Results
-Describe your results for each Objective (and
experiment). Please use figures to show the results.
Include any statistical results in the figures and text.
6. Significance paragraph
a. Briefly sum up what you hoped to accomplish and why
it’s important, and whether your experiments tested
your hypotheses.
7. Reference Section (not included in 7-8 pages). Use the
APA format.
Also (in no order of importance):
1. State your hypotheses, alternate hypotheses, controls, and
2. Type your proposal. 1.5 spacing (Times New Roman), and
left justified. If you are running out of space, single spaced or
1.15 is great.
3. Remember that you can embed figures in the document (a
figure can be helpful for describing a technique, method,
concept, or experimental design).
I am also uploading a overview of the project introducing it

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