Overview To be an effective leader, you should have excellent communication skil

To be an effective leader, you should have excellent communication skills, which includes verbal and written communication. Often leaders are required to present content in order to inform their audience on a specific topic. This assignment provides an opportunity to hone your presentation skills as you demonstrate your mastery of conflict diagnosis and resolution.
Review the case study in Chapter 3 of The Conflict Resolution Toolbox and select a conflict analysis model from Chapters 4–12.
For this assignment, you will create a presentation with 10–12 content slides, plus the additional slides indicated in the Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) PowerPoint/SlideShow Checklist. The Strayer University Library provides a SWS Sample Slideshow and SWS Slideshow Template. You may record a voice narration of each slide, or add a written script in the Notes area of each slide. The narration or script should provide an organized and complete presentation of information that aligns to the purpose of the slide. Title each slide to agree with the content of the slide, and make sure your slides follow the design guidelines in the Strayer Writing Standards. This presentation should include at least four peer-reviewed references from material outside the textbook. Your presentation should address the following:
Define conflict and identify three causes of conflict.
Find a conflict in the case study provided for this assignment.
Apply an appropriate conflict analysis model from the case study.
Select an appropriate model and explain why it is appropriate for diagnosing this conflict.
Assess one process used to resolve conflict and explain its outcomes.
Provide the results of your conflict analysis by providing the strategic direction of the model.
Summarize at least two lessons learned regarding the importance of leadership in conflict resolution.

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