*Subject : Political Violence in Africa – Each student will produce a final proj

*Subject : Political Violence in Africa
– Each student will produce a final project, where you will apply the concepts and theoretical arguments from the class to a specific question about political violence.
(I can annotate basic theoretical concepts of civil war/violence in Africa in order to explain the gist of it, its pretty straightforward as is stated in the proposal.pdf submitted below)
– The final project will write an op-ed or blog post of 2,000-3,000 words.
– Objectives:
-Facilitate creative thinking about the topics at hand
-Demonstrate student learning from the course
-Provide a space for pursuit of topics of interest by students
-Develop research, synthesis, and presentation skills
Your project will be evaluated using the following criteria:
1. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the concepts and theoretical arguments you are engaging with (50 points)
2. Answer the “so-what” question: explain the intellectual merit of the question/topic and the broader impact (25 points)
3. Write for a general audience and use clear language to describe the topic (10 points)
4. You are required to cite at least five academic sources outside of the course readings for this project (10 points)
(I indicate at most 12 sources used as I will provide sources from course readings on civil war topics in africa)

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