The final assignment for Practice I/Field I is designed to demonstrate your unde

The final assignment for Practice I/Field I is designed to demonstrate your understanding of engagement, assessment and goal setting skills within the context of anti-oppressive practice.
The requiremets of the assignment are noted below.
 Incorporate brief segments from your process recordings to illustrate your work.
 Integrate six readings from the Practice I/Field I syllabus.
 You may also use other citations/sources from other classes or your own research.
Please answer the THREE questions below based on the CASE STUDY (I will upload) I will also
Note: The focus of analysis can be any one of the following target populations:  Individual
 Family
 Group
 Program
 Community  Organization
#2: Examining an Unmet Need or Gap in Service Within the Organization
a. Provide a critical assessment of the agency in the case study or in your practice example. Identify an unmet need or gap in service that, if changed, would better support your target population. How long has the issue persisted? What have been the previous efforts to make this change that you’ve identified?
Note: You may use the questions at the end of Chapter 7 in Morgaine and Capous- Desyllas (2020) to inform your critical assessment.
b. Describe the social work roles needed to implement the project (advocate, program developer, mediator, collaborator, etc.). Please describe your project or if a completed project was not feasible, with your Field Instructor’s guidance, analyze and write about it theoretically.
c. Describe how power is defined and distributed among programs, employees, providers and participants. How is power distributed between the organization and the community and among similar community organizations? How is dissent addressed? Is silence presumed to be assent? In what ways does the organization have “power over” and “power with” participants?
# 3: Social Location Revisited
a. How has your understanding of your social location changed from the first assignment: The Reflective Process in Field Education? What is your current thinking of the impact your social location has on your relationships with Field instructors, staff, administration and the target population?
b. How do you envision incorporating a social justice lens into your practice (taking into account issues of privilege, oppression, and your intersecting identities)?
#4: Pandemic
a. All social work organizations are confronting the pandemic, the economic crisis, a renewed call for racial justice, and political unrest. What are the challenges and benefits to providing services for clients in this context, based on the case study or the practice example? Describe and analyze any ongoing issues related to the
pandemic and other world events that you see in your Field placement organization? Do you think your Field placement setting is ready for another crisis in the near future? Why or why not? Are there
any permanent changes in agency mission,
purpose, function, staffing and client services due to the pandemic.
I WILL UPLAOD THE document itself so its not as complicated

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