This is a great start as you have chosen a great nursing study! See below for he

This is a great start as you have chosen a great nursing study! See below for help.
You provided a basic descriiption of all of the steps or elements of the study. It was lacking in the anticipated descriiption detail. Your work is appreciated yet more detail is needed to convey a strong ability to address this competency.. Score 2 This is a nursing study that is recent- good work!
The purpose of the study and research problem : This was addressed
For the methodology:
Explain methodical approach (Type of study) This was addressed
Data collection: How is the data measured? What is measured? The summary had the sample size, types of study, population in the study, where the study was done, and how information was gathered, and what king of information it was collecting
Analyzed data How is the data analyzed?
For the literature review, There is a general statement here, but it would be good to know the highlights of previous research- what has other research found? TO find this area, go under “Introduction”
Theoretical Framework: There were some things related about the study itself, but this is not the theoretical framework. Remember from Deliverable 1 and 2 that nursing theorists were covered? They are back! Sometimes the nursing theorist will be described in the study itself, but sometimes it is not. IF it is not, think about what nursing theorist would fit in the context of this study. Orem? Watson?
Be aware that for other deliverables, when it asks for a theoretical framework, it is asking for a nursing theorist. Usually nursing studies include the nursing theorist, but if they do not, think of which one would fit and how they would fit.
Objectives,questions,hypothesis, procedures:Objectives and questions were addressed, but not the hypothesis or procedure
No clear descriiption of the strengths and limitations of the research study. Be sure to review the rubric guidelines that reviews mastery competency in this area. Score 1 There is a brief sentence on the results, but more detail is needed here. How do those factors interact with this diagnosis?
There are 0 strengths, and almost 1 weakness. To pass, 1 strength needs to be added.
Strengths of how the study was put together
Weakness of how the study was put together
1.Cross sectional nature- more detail is needed here to count this one. What aspect make it a weakness and why is this a weakness?
An example of a strength of a breastfeeding study may be that pre and post weights were taken with breastfeeding to observe a transfer of milk. An implication would be that breastfeeding helps babies gain weight. The strength/weakness focuses on HOW a study is designed, implications are the information you can take with you .
Was there a big sample size? That would increase the reliability of the study? Was there pre- post test data and does this increase reliability of the study? Were there good measurements taken? To pass this area, there needs to be at least 1 strength and 1 weakness on the study design.
So look at your etext page 344 (for Quantitative studies) and 357 (Qualitative studies) for examples on how to look at limitations/weakness of study designs
Thank you for sharing a clearly stated and detailed discussion of the credibility and meaning of the study findings that included 2 or more recommendations and implications to practice. Be sure to review the rubric guidelines that reviews mastery competency in this area. Score 2There were 3 implications/recommendations for practice, great job with this! Four implications would make this area even stronger. However, the discussion on credibility was not abundantly clear. Credibility is the ability for the results to be trusted. Did the study do things to build credibility in the study? Was it revied by others? Was the data recorded and analyzed in a trustworthy way?
The document you shared looked to have a formal style, yet the number of misspelled word or errors in grammar made it difficult to appreciate the content. Please double-check that every word is ideal and spelled correctly to assure a better score in this category. Score 2.
There were in-text citations and a reference list- good work!
1.Create support groups
2.Patient education
3.Encourage compliance
A minimum score of 2 must be achieved on this assignment to pass the course. I look forward to reviewing your next submission.

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