This is an ancient Chinese literature course about Song lyrics, so please, if po

This is an ancient Chinese literature course about Song lyrics, so please, if possible, do assign an expert in this field to this work. Also, even though in the order form, the length requirement is about 1500 words, in reality, I have about 800-1000words ready. The requirement for the actual assignment is 2000 words. Therefore, you need to write about another 1000 words. There are several attached files. Please do strictly follow what the essay proposal says. The file named after “EAS257 Final Essay” is the one you need to work with. Please do read the two pdf files about the essay requirements. Only use three sources. The first one is named after “file 3”. That is the textbook, and the primary sources are within it. The Hegel, Robert E file is another source. The screenshots are included in a third source named after Seven Lectures on Wang Guowei’s Renjian Cihua (China Perspectives). As for the Final File, please note that anything that came after the sentece “Xin Qi-ji, as a lyricist living in the Southern Song Dynasty, utilized lyrics to express his individual contemplations upon his life and frustrating political career” are from my previous assignments for this course. Please do change the paragraphs when writing it. Follow any formal citation format with footnotes. Contact me immediately whenever you have a question. I am available anytime from now to the deadline, so please text message me immediately as soon as you have a question. Please do submit the final version for the work to me before 12 pm tomorrow or earlier.

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