Why did you select this franchise over others you researched? How much does it c

Why did you select this franchise over others you researched?
How much does it cost to start this franchise and how much do you have to pay on a monthly basis to the franchisor? Be specific.
What requirements does the franchisor make the franchisee have before purchasing a franchise?
What training, advertising or other forms of support does the franchisor offer to the franchisee to help run the business?
What are the pros and cons of owning this franchise and franchises in general?
To complete this assignment successfully, you can answer the questions by submitting a 2-3 page paper, a narrated PowerPoint presentation (a voice recording embedded in a PowerPoint presentation), or a video presentation. Proper citations are expected. If you choose to submit an 2-3 page paper or narrative PowerPoint, you will be graded grammar and spelling in addition to the depth and clarity of your answers as well. A maximum of 100 points may be earned for this assignment. Post your completed work in the appropriate area in CANVAS.
If are saying to yourself, the professor is being vague about this project, you are correct. You have 3 outcomes for this project: Go to Entrepreneur.com and research franchises, Select a franchise, and Upload answers to the five questions. If you come up with another creative way to answers the five questions and can still upload your finds in this area, feel free to do so.

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