Write an essay on the movie “Metropolis” to answer the following question: Ident

Write an essay on the movie “Metropolis” to answer the following question:
Identity politics (sex/gender, race, class, etc.) are often evident in films, be it explicitly or implicitly. In your essay, analyze how identity politics are depicted or represented in the film, and what the film is saying about sex/gender, race, and/or class. How does the film’s representation of identity politics conform to its contemporary ideological biases or challenge them?
The purpose of this essay is to help develop your critical reading and writing about film. You are expected to consult and include in your essay references and citations from a minimum of one scholarly secondary source (such as articles in academic journals or academic books) on the film and/or the topic you have selected. Film reviews and non-academic online sources may be included, but only in addition to the one scholarly secondary source.
You are also expected to refer to specific examples from the film, and to analyze in- depth elements of the film to help support and develop your argument. Essays must be double spaced, using 1” margins and 12 pt font, and follow MLA style.

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