Your final paper builds upon your previous paper assignments. research report/ a

Your final paper builds upon your previous paper assignments.
research report/ analytic report
The requirements for the final paper are:
1750 to 2000 words (excluding sources/bibliography and footnotes/endnotes, equivalent to seven to eight double-spaced pages 12-point font).
The research report should be both an empirical and analytic report about the subject you have described in the previous paper assignments.
The basic structure of the paper should be.
Provide brief overview of the entire structure of your paper.
Body Paragraphs.
In this section of the paper you will be describing the subject of your research in depth.
Explicitly discuss some of the relevant theories and methods from the course text and discussed in lecture.
Literature Review and Case Studies.
If relevant include quantitative data/statistics.
If relevant include images and/or graphics.
State your own opinion and analysis.
Substantiate your opinion with reference to the facts that you have discussed in the body of the paper.
Provide citations, these can be in-text parenthetical citations or footnotes/endnotes.
Indicate the citation style you are using.
Provide at least 10 properly formatted sources.
The mix of sources should include at least several articles from academic/scientific journals. Ideally there should also be several books, however given the COVID-19 emergency accessing books is a bit problematic.
Editing paper before final submission.
Make sure to run both a spell check and a grammar check.
Make sure to run a word count check.
Review your sources to make sure they are formatted correctly according to the citation style you are using.
I will attach every paper I have done.

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