1. Create a new file called Fraction.java 2. In this file, create a class Fracti

1. Create a new file called Fraction.java
2. In this file, create a class Fraction. 
a. This class should have 2 attributes, declare it, don’t forget those fields/attributes need to be private
b. Create 2 constructors,
i. One constructor without any parameter. This constructor will initialize the first attribute to 0 and the second to 1.
ii. The second constructor will have 2 parameters that will initialize the 2 attributes of the Fraction class.
c. Create a getter and a setter for each private fields.
d. Create 4 methods, addition, subtract, multiply, divide.  Don’t forget to declare those methods public so every objects can use  them. Since those methods needs to be called by an instance of the class  Fraction, what do those methods need to achieve the  addition/subtraction/multiplication/division of TWO fractions. The 4  methods need to return a brand NEW fraction result of the addition/subtraction/multiplication/division of the 2 fractions. a/b + c/d = a/b – c/d = a/b * c/d = a/b / c/d 
e. Create a method properFraction,  that has no parameter. This method will return a whole number and  modify the original Fraction to a proper Fraction. For instance:
Fraction f1 = new Fraction(7,2);// f1-> 7/2
System.out.print(f1.properFraction());// output: 3, f1->1/2
Fraction f2 = new Fraction(2,5); // f2-> 2/5
System.out.print(f2.properFraction());// output: 0, f1->2/5
f. Create a method toString that will return a String made with the 2 attributes with the following format “4/3”.
3.  In the Main.java file, create 3 Fractions with different values. Test  the addition/subtraction/multiplication/division and the properFractions  methods.

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