Building upon the main theme of our course monograph, your term paper will explo

Building upon the main theme of our course monograph, your term paper will explore how the European Middle Ages are imagined in the contemporary world. As you know, The Devil’s Historians provides numerous examples of how the medieval past has been used to support and legitimize modern ideologies from nationalism and colonialism to religious extremism, sexism, and white supremacy. 
Your task is to examine in detail ONE example of how the medieval past has been appropriated by a contemporary group or movement. You may (but are not required to) choose one of the examples mentioned in the text. Your paper could focus on a political group (national government, separatist movement, political party, etc.), a religious group (Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jewish, etc.), an artistic or intellectual movement (film, literature, music, etc.), or another type of “pop culture” community (historical reenactment, Society for Creative Anachronism, etc.). What matters is that the medieval past is somehow important to this group’s identity and agenda! 
Once you have chosen a group, you should explain in detail (1) what parts or aspects of the Middle Ages this group is interested in; (2) how the group attempts to use the medieval past to achieve certain goals or advance a particular worldview, (3) how their “version” of the pre-modern past is distorted, incomplete, or simply invented.
the attached paper was the proposal that you did for me. you can continue on that same track with the catholic
these were the comment made by my professor to the previous proposal i attached that you did
This is an interesting topic that seems on the right track. But make sure that you are focusing specifically on the ways in which the contemporary Catholic Church uses the medieval past to advance its agenda or bolster its authority. It’s not quite clear to me how the two sources you’ve identified so far will support that argument.

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