Compose a 3-5 page essay, analyzing one universal theme in Macbeth. Determine wh

Compose a 3-5 page essay, analyzing one universal theme in Macbeth. Determine what you think Shakespeare is saying about humanity: the human condition. Your claim and subsequent argument must be thematically based.
Minimum Requirements:
Thematically based Introduction
Thesis statement with a universal theme statement (Bold your thesis statement.)
Direct quotes from Macbeth (2 per paragraph minimum)
Three-Five pages (A 3-page essay ends at the top of page 4. Works Cited page does not count.)
MLA Format (Questions? Google: OWL MLA)
Interesting, descriiptive sentences, supporting their topic sentences
Be certain that:
your thesis statement includes a defensible claim, regarding the human condition
your topic sentences directly support your thesis statement
you write in formal, academic voice (avoid personal pronouns and contractions)
you write in present tense
you create an informative title for your essay
you introduce your quotes and embed them within sentences
you use SHORT quotes (selectively chosen words and phrases)
you write in active voice
you use strong verbs
you include universal vocabulary
you avoid absolutes (always, everyone, never)
you show don’t tell
you avoid “the theme of”
you avoid “In conclusion”
you avoid “the reader”
you avoid “the audience”
you use transitions between paragraphs and thoughts
you have correct pronoun/number and subject/verb agreement
Develop a claim that responds clearly and arguably to the prompt. Take a stand. Make an assertive claim.
Gather evidence from the text to support your claim.
Use a prewriting strategy such as mind-mapping, outlining, etc.
Note citation information as you choose your evidence.
Choose an organizational structure for your claim and supporting evidence.
Write your scholarly essay.
Develop a clearly worded claim.
Develop topic sentences that relate to the claim.
Use transitions between ideas.
Cite evidence.
Write commentary that links your evidence to your claim and gives insight into the meaning of the work as a whole.
Read your essay to determine the following:
Does your evidence support your claim?
Is your commentary sufficient to link claim and evidence?
Do you clearly answer the prompt?
Are you using standard written conventions?
Review the tone (word choice) of your essay. Does it match the expectations of scholarly writing?
Make changes based on your self-assessment.
Final Submission
ONLY after proofreading your essay TWICE, submit your polished, final copy.
Play titles are italicized.
Parenthetical Documentation for plays: (Act. Scene. Line numbers). (V.ii.17) or (V.i.1-2)

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