I need help on editing a report for ‘Statistics and Introductory Econometrics’ m

I need help on editing a report for ‘Statistics and Introductory Econometrics’ module in Economics course. The Excel has to be used in order to complete this report and then the obtained data has to be described in a Word document.
I need 500 words more, this should be enough to improve the quality of the assignment. Total word count is 3000 words (max 3300 words, excluding references, graphs, equations, etc). The equations, graphs, tables, etc have to be inserted as pictures so that it does not count towards the word count.
In order to do calculations for this assignment in Excel, certain toolpak has to be downloaded. It is very easy, I’ve attached a file where it guides you how to do so.
I am providing you with very useful material, and step by step explanation how to edit this assignment. Please see the attached files, where you can find the project task, actual project word doc and actual project excel doc, an example project (do not mix them up!), also a marking criteria, then a book for referencing, lecture slides and a guide how to download a toolpak on Excel.
What I need you to do is to follow a file under the name ‘example project’ and make sure the project is in such good quality as the example one. I would like you to add graphs where needed and describe them, the correlation ones for example (they are already calculated on Excel, hope they are correct). Also, make sure Spearman was used on Excel where it had to be used. Basically, please make sure the project is correct and edit it so it is in a high quality.
Thank You very much!

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