I want you to find new sources. TRUSTED SOURCES ONLY. This means ONLY technical

I want you to find new sources. TRUSTED SOURCES ONLY. This means ONLY technical manuals, articles from reputable sources, academic journals, and other TRUSTED AND RELIABLE sources when necessary. Write and research Artificial Intelligence and its use on code-checking. Specifically, this project you can think of like Grammarly except for code. The exact project is a JetBrains IntelliJ plugin that would then scan your code repository for code-quality (not bugs). I want you to do background research on code quality and good software engineering practices such as the types of code smells, loose coupling, SOLID Principles, etc. and find as many academic and industry sources on 1) what they are, 2) how can we measure/detect them (ie. what are the signs that code is breaking this principle), and 3) on a scale of 1-10, how feasibly/easily can AI detect this. I want you to write an Introduction that “Defines the project area and its place within the subject, economic, customer and/or commercial context. Proceeds from the wider concerns of Informatics to the specific subject of the report by way of an orderly and natural progression of ideas.” Please write out the introduction and have the background in BOTH written and bullet-point form. As in, I need an outline with the research (and sources) for each bullet point, then also write it out in paragraph form. The background research should “Reviews the background to the project comprehensively. Incorporates relevant issues succinctly. Omits the irrelevant. Identifies all the main issues, which are then analysed and developed. The Review is a penetrating analysis, showing an impressive grasp of the subject and excellent judgement in the selection of previous work that should be applied in project. It gives new insights into the project area, not immediately identifiable from literature.” Include direct quotes from each source Look at the rubric

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