I will add class notes and pother materials once the project is accepted. READ A

I will add class notes and pother materials once the project is accepted. READ ALL INSTUCTIONS AND THE EXAM QUESTIONS CAREFULLY BOTH BEFORE BEGINNING THIS EXAM AND BEFORE SUBMITTING IT. You are required to answer BOTH of the questions listed below. Yours answers should be as complete, as specific, and as detailed as possible. Your answers must demonstrate that you understand and can explain the ideas of the thinkers about whom you are writing. You will receive extra credit for providing relevant and correct information above and beyond the required information. Your responses to the exam questions must be submitted to turnitin.com no later than Tuesday, December 21, at 12:30 PM. Exams should be no longer than 6 pages long [3 pages per question]. Exams must be prepared on a computer, must be double-spaced, must have one-inch margins, and must use a 12-point font. Make sure that you use a word processing program that can be read by turnitin.com, such as Microsoft Word. , if you use any sources whatsoever beyond your class notes, the PowerPoint slides I have uploaded to Blackboard, and the assigned texts you must list them in endnotes and a bibliography. Endnotes and bibliographies (if any) must be prepared in accord with A.P.A. rules. Consult the web for help with the correct format of endnotes and/or bibliographies, if need be. 1. W. E. B. Du Bois and Malcolm X had altogether different relationships to America, and advocated markedly different tactics. Discuss. 2. Both John Rawls and Robert Nozick were concerned with the question of what the role of government ought to be in a country like ours, but they disagreed with each other on the answer to that question. Discuss

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