The cases may come from personal experience or the textbook or from the internet

The cases may come from personal experience or the textbook or from the internet sites or publications or broadcasts.  Each case must relate to one of the topics of the current module.
Such presentations consist of the following two(2) sections.
a. Materials concerning the case located on the internet
i. Newspaper articles
ii. Magazine articles
iii. Professional Journal articles , e.g., Philosophy, Law, Medicine Nursing, Public Health, etc..
iv. Other Internet items
MINIMUM of four (4) items
b. Viewpoints on the case by analysts, ethicists, commentators .
MINIMUM of four (4) items which MUST include commentary and/or analysis by people who use ethical principles. These would NOT be articles in newspapers or magazines but items found in professional journals or at the websites of academic and professional organizations.
This is basically an assignment where you will use a number of search engines to gather materials from the internet.
GOOGLE, Northernlights, yahoo, etc…
You will copy and paste the addresses(url’s) of those materials into a single file or document and then copy all of the text and paste it into an email sent to the the instructor. SEND BY EMAIL  NO ATTACHMENTS!! You do NOT need to and should not make any personal comments on the case . So, you are NOT required to do any original thinking or critical thinking on the case. You will be gathering the materials and hopefully reading them and in so doing you will learn more about the issues involved and in gathering materials that involve ethical analysis you will learn more about that as well.
Your NAME:
DESCRIPTION of the case by student:
url’s for the Articles Describing case:
url’s for Articles with Ethical Position: Philosophers, Theologians, Lawyers, Medical Doctors

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