you are hired at a Catholic healthcare facility which was originally founded by

you are hired at a Catholic healthcare facility which was originally founded by the Felician Sisters. Your workplace is appreciative of your efforts to complete your degree at Felician University. The administration has received word that you have taken a course about the integration of moral and spiritual considerations in healthcare. You have been appointed head of a committee which will write several parts of a public document for the facility. These  will be published in a pamphlet for the facility.
For the Final Integration Project, you will determine a name for your facility, create a mission statement, write an Introduction to the handbook, and compile a guideline regarding Catholic-Christian teachings focused on an area of healthcare. These should all be included in your pamphlet for your fictional facility.  Create  ONE document with all four components.  Be as creative as possible in your construction of the pamphlet.  Be sure to include the following:
I. A name for your Felician Catholic healthcare facility.
II. A mission statement that summarizes the goals of this facility.
III. An  Introduction to the pamphlet:
In your introduction to the handbook, explain how your healthcare institution strives to provide holistic care to everyone it serves. Give an understanding of this care by briefly referencing one or two of the assigned readings from the course. This is NOT a research paper, where you would find and rely on outside material. Find materials from our course to reference, and explain in your own words how and why care at your institution is concerned with the care of the whole person. Include concrete examples of various services/techniques your facility offers to clients as well as to staff.
The introduction will be 200-400 words.  You will need in-text citations.
IV.        Guidelines regarding the moral considerations of a medical decision
In your guidelines regarding the morality of a medical decision, you will provide a clear and concise guide to help inform patients and/or their families regarding the Catholic-Christian perspective on a healthcare issue. Choose a morally challenging medical decision discussed in our course. Define the issue, and explain the basics of Catholic-Christian teaching regarding the issue. Again, this is not a research paper. One or two references or citations will be from the coursework. Otherwise, use your own words. This  will be 200-250 words (no more than 300 words including one or two references).
V.  Be sure to include a Works Cited.

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