You must include reference to your practical experience in setting, identifying

You must include reference to your practical experience in setting, identifying how
leadership and management theory could explain practice. This essay could include the
• An introduction which sets the scene, which gives the aims of your essay and its
• Theoretical models that reflect the style and philosophy of your setting. You will need to
consider and critically evaluate these models, discussing their effective application from a
practical perspective.
• Practical examples of how people are managed, you will need to critically evaluate these
models, remembering to consider alternative models, more suited to the setting in
context, justifying your choice in relation to the theory/ perspectives you have researched.
• Quality improvement strategies, these will need to be critically evaluated, with evidence to
support their success and impact. Further you will need to demonstrate that you
understand the purpose of quality assurance, self-assessment and inspection ideology.
• A rationale for change with reference to professional standards, encompassing specific
aspects of these.
• Conclusions and recommendations that identify your theoretical and philosophical
Learning Objectives:
L01 Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and conceptual understanding of the theories
and principles of leadership and people management
L02 Critically evaluate the use of leadership and people management models, staff
development methods and problem-solving tools
L03 Demonstrate critical understanding of quality assurance theory, self-assessment and
inspection ideology, processes and tools

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