You serve as the principal of Test Central High School. Your superintendent has

You serve as the principal of Test Central High School. Your superintendent has asked you to address a quote that one of the Board members read in a newspaper interview with Rick Stiggins. Stiggins is quoted as saying, “The problem is, the answer to improved student performance rests with instruction; however, to be maximally effective that instruction must work in continuous, close harmony with good assessment. Optimally, instruction and assessment need to occur almost simultaneously, whereas at present, only instruction is continuous with assessment attached somewhere at the end of it. They are all too often working at cross purposes. The long-standing barriers that have separated testing from teaching have rendered assessment essentially powerless to improve schools—and these barriers must come down.“
The superintendent knows that you and your teachers have addressed this challenge and have come up with creative and effective ways to link curriculum, instruction, and assessment. You have been asked to share how you have addressed this challenge.
Write a 250- to 300-word response to the following:
Share 3–5 ways that you may have linked curriculum, instruction, and assessment at your school in the given scenario.
Provide specific examples of these changes, and include citations to materials you read this week.
Stiggins, R. (2014). Revolutionize assessment: Empower students, inspire learning. Sage.

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