For this short assignment, pick a problem or issue related to health or healthca

For this short assignment, pick a problem or issue related to health or healthcare and propose possible solutions and/or offer a critique, which can include raising further questions. Please note that you do not have to have a solution and you can pick a problem that is more abstract.
The structure of the manifesto is relatively open, with a couple of exceptions. Your first paragraph should be a description of the problem or issue your manifesto will address. Craft a narrative; provide a story that hooks your reader in. You can cite news sources to lay out the problem you are addressing (but you also do not have to have any outside sources).
The only other requirement is that somewhere in your essay cite one quote from a single author we have covered throughout the semester. This can be, for example, at the beginning of your essay or at the end of your essay as a call to action (i.e. you can reference a quote from Kenya’s Green Belt Movement or Sistersong Collective’s rallying cry for reproductive justice).
This assignment is intended to be low stakes and is an opportunity for you to express yourselves about the themes of this course. Given that you will likely be expressing your political opinions please know you are not going to be graded on your opinions but rather the quality of your manifesto (if it is clear, if it includes a quote, is not a rant, etc..).

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