Policy Innovation and Diffusion Forum For this forum, I would like you to explor

Policy Innovation and Diffusion Forum
For this forum, I would like you to explore some policy problems and the response by the states. For example, maybe the problem has been homelessness. You may find there are statewide responses to this problem, or local government responses that were quite unique that became a model for other states and/or local governments to adopt in their jurisdictions. In this policy area, see the work in Utah, which has made this one of their policy priorities.
Or consider the innovative work in Washington state, particularly in Seattle to combat the opioid crisis and overdose deaths. Seattle’s LEAD program became a model for other cities across the country.

Chasing Heroin

These are just two examples of what you can choose to focus on for this forum.  First, I want you to describe the problem that prompted the policy response. From my two examples above, you can say that homelessness has been on the rise or opioid usage has increased. Provide some references.  Second, I want you to outline the policy response to this problem and whether your state or city / local government has been innovative in its response or simply adopting what has been done in other states / cities.  Make sure you reference the policy or policies that address the issue.  Third, I want you to consider how effective the policy has been. If it’s a new policy you won’t have much information on this, but if it has been implemented for a while you will find resources that have analyzed this information.
Make sure that you have included the requested information by December 17. By December 18, you should have read through at least one of your classmates posts and posted some questions or comments on their submission. By December 19, you should respond to those questions / comments (at least one).

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