Students will write a literature review (Assignment 1) as assessment for the mod

Students will write a literature review (Assignment 1) as assessment for the module. A literature review is a central component for most forms of academic writing, and learning how to write a good one is vitally important. This assignment will help you to demonstrate and develop your competence in this area. As well drawing on the content of the ‘Theories’ seminars, you will be able to gain knowledge about what makes a good literature review in the core module Academic and Research Skills.
—– Critically review one concept from the module showing how it has been theorised and the implications of the theorisations for our understanding of the relationship between education and development ——
Should I include a discussion of methods? Yes, you should include a short explanation of the methods you used for searching the literature and selecting the literature that you have reviewed. This is especially important if you have selected literature from unusual sources.
Can I discuss more than one concept? In Option B it is best to foreground one concept and discuss the ways it has been theorised differently and the implications for education and development.
Can I refer to particular contexts? In both option reference to particular contexts can help to illustrate or exemplify your argument. The context should not detract from the central theoretical focus of the assignment.

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