The project must be consistent with a graduate-level paper demonstrating profess

The project must be consistent with a graduate-level paper demonstrating professional development opportunities in the field of athletic administration incorporating the Keys to Success.
Project Format:
Section/tab 1 (Introduction)
Section/tab 1 will include a description of the demographics for your school and community. Be certain to write a brief description of your project. (1-2 pages doubled spaced)
Section/tab 2 (Text)
Section/tab 2 will include the comprehensive description of your project which can vary in length depending on the size and scope of the project. Please keep in mind that your efforts on this project should reflect graduate-level quality work. Use the six guidelines that are identified in the Keys to Successful project development. (Who, what, when, where, why and how).
Section/tab 3 (Assessment & Evaluation)
Section/tab 3 will include an assessment, analysis, and evaluation of the project. This could include timelines of activities involved in the development and implementation of the project, surveys, cost analysis, photos, other supporting information, and possible outcomes. (1-2 pages doubled spaced)
Section/tab 4 (Conclusion)
Section/tab 4 will include a summary of the project with your thoughts and observations resulting in a conclusion. You should identify all Leadership Training Courses or other resources that assisted in the development and implementation of the project. (1-2 pages doubled spaced)
The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to Athletic Administration student seeking to complete the requirements for attaining graduate credit. This format will reinforce the guidelines for completing a Grace College graduate course. Completing the project will meet the course requirements and serve as the culminating experience for the course.
The following are the Keys to Successful Project Development. Your project must include:
• An Introduction—The opening paragraph will include school/community demographics and a brief description of your project.
• Subsequent paragraphs must include the following six items:
1. Who Stakeholders the project is designed to benefit
2. What Purpose of the project of project
3. When Timeline for development and implementation of the project
4. Where Population and/or location where the project will be implemented
5. Why – Need for the project and any risks identified (costs, change, personnel, etc.)
6. How Implementation process and sequencing of events.
• Assessment and Evaluation—Show supporting data, e.g., newspaper articles, Board of Education minutes, newsletters, etc., where applicable.
• Conclusion—Describe the impact on stakeholders and the expected time for project results.
By incorporating the above Keys to Success, your project should be designed to meet the specific needs of your school and/or community. It should be guided by the principles and knowledge you have gained through the Leadership Training Institute Courses completed that meet the requirements for Grace College courses (See Matrix). You must include documentation of all material used to develop and implement your project.
A good project is innovative, improves the system, arises from a genuine need and provides involvement by the stakeholders.
Your project should be divided into five sections or tabs:
Project Introduction
Project Text
Project Assessment & Evaluation
Project Conclusion
Supporting Documents

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