– Use this software Use Apple Inc as t – Use this software
Use Apple Inc as the security. The assigment is mostly about coding and using the functions most functions are mentioned in the sources. use the correct functions n every step and sent this back as a R STUDIO FILE. NOT WORD OR PDF.
i have attached the data from yahoo finance for AAPL and S&P 500 index however please check what the question is asking for and if whether both or one data needs to be used. AAPL is the main security in this assignment . but you may need to use sp500 for a question or two so make sure to read
make sure you use the sources attached more than any personal way of doing the functions.
this assigment is based on elements and fuctions of R analysis, plotting and importing on R the data ACCURATELY , liner regression and beta, testing trading strategies
make sure the correct topic is used for each question.
if any question feel free to message.

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