This paper is an argumentative research paper discussing the use of social media

This paper is an argumentative research paper discussing the use of social media in modern day information warfare/influence operations. I have provided my research proposal, three complete sources, and a loosely brainstormed list of potential topics for body paragraphs or research phrases as attachments. The writer must understand the basic concept of the Great Power Competition among world powers and four instruments of national power-DIME (Diplomacy, Information, Military, and Economy), and how they are relevant in the use of social media to weaponize influence in support of each. Use examples of how, militarily, ISIS and other groups have been able to successfully use social media platforms to further the group’s ideology, recruitment, international fear, and youth support. Please read the attachments to see the topics that have already been discussed as body paragraph subjects.The paper must be written using standard structure – introduction, a thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph restating/reengaging the thesis statement. The argumentative paper will use the thesis statement “To remain at the forefront of the great power competition, the United States must learn to harness, not censor, the power of social media networks.” Disregard any mention of an interview or interviewee, I will add to the paper after completion. Sources must be cited using MLA in-text citations and include a Works Cited page in MLA format.

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