1350-1900 words (4-6 pages) MLA • An Introduction with essential information ab

1350-1900 words (4-6 pages)
• An Introduction with essential information about the text you’ll be writing about:
◦ The author’s name(s) and title of the article you’re writing about
◦ A brief summary of the text’s purpose and main argument
◦ A brief summary of the text’s intended audience
◦ After you’ve included the essential information, then you should end your introduction with your three-point thesis statement.
• A Body: You’ve probably already done much of the work you’ve needed to do in order to draft your body paragraphs!
◦ Don’t forget to start the body of your essay off with a paragraph discussing the purpose of the article you’re analyzing. Then, the discussion post you completed can be the beginning of your rhetorical analysis body paragraphs.
◦ To start a new paragraph, provide a transition and a topic sentence that sets up a point the thesis previewed. After that, include textual evidence, explain how that evidence is an example of that strategy, and explain how this instance of the strategy supports the author’s overall purpose and/or intended audience’s engagement with the essay.
◦ Once you finish your analytical paragraphs, compose a few reflecting on what you learned and experienced as a reader and writer through this process.
• A Conclusion that reviews your main argument and the claims you made.

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