Throughout this course, you have learned different techniques to help you streng

Throughout this course, you have learned different techniques to help you strengthen your critical thinking skills and gain a better understanding about how they apply to the different roles and duties in the field of criminal justice. In this last assignment, you will research the use of technology in criminal justice and how it assists in problem solving.
Consider the following scenario for this assignment:
A federal law enforcement agency has outdated data collection methods, and much of it is done by using paper and storing it in file folders. Consequently, the agency has had a hard time solving crimes and working with other agencies. As a result, you have been hired as their consultant to implement technology and to convince the agency leaders that this is the best approach for the agency. The federal law enforcement agency’s director is excited to hear what you have to say and has asked you to write a report that she can share with the agency’s leadership team.
Research technology used for data collection, communication, and crime fighting. 
Write a 700- to 1,050-word report for the agency’s leadership team in which you:
Explain how technology can help the agency collect data, solve problems, and resolve complaints. Provide examples of technology that could be used, and how that technology would address the agency’s challenges.
Explain how implementing technology would help improve the agency’s internal and external (i.e., with other agencies) communications. Provide examples that outline the technology that would bridge this gap.
Identify ways that technology can aid in minimizing bias and generalizing. Provide at least 1 example of specific technology that could be applied.
Describe how the use of technology would aid in tracking and referencing offenders. Provide examples and statistics.
Cite 2 sources to support your assignment.
Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.  

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