Write a 20-page Essay based on the sources provided as well as any other outside

Write a 20-page Essay based on the sources provided as well as any other outside sources that connect to the topic. Pick a theme and analyze the theme across at least two of the texts provided. I have provided all of the relevant chapters for the books we read. Needs to be a strong introduction, the thesis that makes a claim, body paragraphs with topic sentences, and a conclusion. some summary is ok but there must be lots of quotes and analysis that relate back to the thesis. The topic is pretty open just pick a theme you can write the most/best on. There must be. outside sources that strengthen your analysis. Minimum of 10 total separate sources. Below are the instructions that were given to the class.
Purpose: write an essay that critically responds to your favorite set of literary and cultural text(s) we have read and analyzed in class, using academic articles to provide deeper context, theoretical lens, and arguments to support or complicate your interpretations of course texts.
How: Themes from the class such as identity, violence, resistance, imperialism, or oppression can help you identify texts from the course (literature, films, and comics) that will allow you to make an argument, or pose a question, that you will support and explore with academic research. Using some of the research material from the short papers (at least 10 sources), you can write about any of the intersecting topics discussed in class that highlight the “interconnectedness” that Keating discusses in relation to Anzaldúa’s work and others. These topics include intersectionality, citizenship, religion, physical ability, gender, sexuality, class, race and cultural identity. You can draw on a theoretical idea from Keating, Anzaldúa, or from any of the academic sources that might provide a guiding idea or interpretive lens for analyzing the course texts you choose to make an argument about. Students will meet with me for the assignment, and we’ll discuss this together before and as you set out to work on it.
Why: This piece of writing will help demonstrate how you have critically engaged with the course texts, academic database research, and critical thinking with regard to elements of diversity, inclusion, perspectives, and ethics. This will assess course goals and core learning objectives:1.2, 1.3, 1.4 for D.
What to include:
A unique introduction that identifies the themes for the course texts that will be discussed (hint: personalized introductions are more unique & engaging).
Brief summary of course texts demonstrating how they connect with specific theme that will be discussed
A thesis that answers aspects of who, where, what, why, and how. Ex. ((where)In “The Mimi’s” and “Aria,” (who)Richard Rodriguez and Domingo Martinez (what) demonstrate different aspects about assimilation and identity, (how) through their depiction of young people trying to fit into the dominant culture (why) to show how oppression can be internalized.)
Topic sentences that argue a specific aspect related back to the central thesis of the essay.
2-3 quotes per paragraph (ex. one class text & one academic; 2 class texts & one academic)
Quotes from academic sources can or should support, complicate, or refute interpretation;
Analysis about course texts in relation to academic sources that is insightful and demonstrates connections between aspects of the course texts and scholarship;
Headings recommended to organize sections of paper (ex. Introduction, Background/Theory for interpretation, Analysis, Conclusion)
20 pages (not including work cited/bibliography)
Incorporation of a meaningful number and collection of class texts
MLA format (i.e., in-text citation with last name and page number, works cited)
Relevant quotes from at least 10 academic sources

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