Learning Goal: I’m working on a software development question and need an explan

Learning Goal: I’m working on a software development question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.MediaLab is a media design firm located in Springfield, Missouri.Fifteen employees work in this firm to create advertising graphics,develop web page branding, and create fliers and other advertisingmaterials. In addition to artists/designer, there are also webdevelopers and a customer relations team. The company is moving to anew office space. You have been asked to design a network for thefirm’s new office. Review the previously done paper on the Media LabOrganization included in this assignment. Review the article “NetworkTopology Icons” found here:https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/about/brand-center/network-topology-icons.htmlCreate a diagram depicting your network design for the business MediaLab. Your diagram must include all network hardware and media. Theseinclude: Connected devices Peripherals Routers/switches/hubs Firewallsand other security measures Modems The internet (which may just beshown as a single cloud entity) Indicate all wired and wirelessconnections Ensure that every icon is labeled Note: You may developyour diagram in Visio, PowerPoint, or any other software that supportsdiagramming. When complete, you need to export it to an image/picturefile type such as jpg, gif, or png and include it in your WordDocument Paper. Describe how each requirement is specifically met bythe network design done in the attached paper. Your document should be3–4 pages long (not including the list of works cited), but it is thequality of the work that is important, not the number of pages. Citeand reference all sources using APA format and style guidelines andsubmit in a single document.

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