Option #1: Course Selection Association Rules In this Critical Thinking Assignme

Option #1: Course Selection Association Rules
In this Critical Thinking Assignment, you will analyze association rules. Your assignment submission will be an R Markdown generated Word document.Create a new R Markdown file by performing the following steps.
1. Open R Studio
2. Select File | New | R Markdown
3. Use Module 6 CT Option 1 as the Title
4. Use your name as the Author
5. Select the Word output format
6. Delete all default content after the R Setup block of code, which is all content from line 12 through the end of the file.
The CourseTopics.csv (Links to an external site.) file contains eight attributes which are courses that a student could take. Each data row provides the courses taken (1 in the attribute) by a single student. Analyze this data by performing the following steps.
1. Create and interpret 3-5 association rules.
2. Follow the process described in section 14.1.
3. Use the R code example in Table 14.4.
4. Use 0.01 for minimum support.
5. Run minimum confidence of 0.1 and 0.5 in the apriori() function.
6. For your assignment submission, copy your commands into your R Markdown file.
a. Include R comments on all your code.
b. Separate sections of R code by using appropriate R Markdown headings.
7. Use the R Markdown Knit drop down menu to select Knit to Word to create the Word document for your assignment submission.
Your assignment submission must be one Word document that meets the following requirements:
· Is an R Markdown generated Word document containing all R code used in this assignment, appropriate R comments on code, and appropriate R Markdown headings.
· Does not include a cover page.
· Does not include an abstract.
· Includes a one-page description of what you did and what you learned. Add this description to the end of the R Markdown document as a new page. This page must conform to APA guidelines in the CSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.).

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