The assignment was done, but it was not passed. Attached to you is the assignmen

The assignment was done, but it was not passed. Attached to you is the assignment under the name of my assignment. The doctor’s notes have been written below..
In addition, all the special steps for writing this assignment are attached with examples of some of the previous assignment.
doctor comments
a) Compare and contrast the term Accessible Design with the related concepts of Universal Design, Inclusive and Participatory Design, and Useability. (50% of wordcount)
b) Using the supplied checklist, conduct a Design Audit on a bus stop of your own choosing, highlighting the factors that contribute to or detract from its Accessibility. (50% of wordcount)
You offer no contemporary photographs, only historic images taken from the contractors.
Analyse and evaluate the results of your audit against the relevant design standards.
You use London standards for a Northamptonshire structure.
Identify any areas for improvement.
It is hard to visualise your recommendations given the lack of images.
Identify any areas where you feel the designers should be commended for the approach taken. Fair, though largely dependent on the proud statements made by contractors.
General Comments:
It is not immediately clear to me how a student enrolled with a partner institution in the UAE is able to conduct a field audit of a bus station in Northampton.
In any case, the assignment was for the audit of a bus stop, not a station.First Marker: Andrew Gough
Suggested Grade: F+
Second Marker:

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