This class will require the student to submit a research proposal following the

This class will require the student to submit a research proposal following the steps that will be covered in class and through handouts. The final research paper will be a minimum of 15 pages in length, preferably 20 or more pages. Students may pick their own hypotheses to be tested, but the professor must approve it before they can begin writing. Research papers will be worth 200 points, and will be due in the dropbox on canvas on the last day of class. A sample paper will be provided on campus for students to use as a guide and a portion of many of the class lectures will be devoted to discussion of this research paper.
This research paper will require that students create a hypothesis or hypotheses to be tested. Students will develop this hypothesis and begin researching the topic early in the semester. Prior literature on the hypothesis topic will be gathered and the student will create variables that will measure the concepts in the hypothesis. Extraneous / control variables will also be created and a sample to obtain the data for the variables will be proposed. Finally, statistical measures to be used will be discussed as well as the strengths and weaknesses and policy implications of the study. The paper will include four main sections, with each section having multiple parts.
The sections include:
Section 1: Introduction, theoretical framework and literature review (4-8 pages in length).
Section 2- Data and Methods and survey (4-8 pages in length)
Section 3- Statistical procedures and discussion and conclusion (4-6 pages in length)
Section 4- Abstract and references and final touches (1-3 pages in length).
At least 4 tables will be required in addition to the text of the paper.
Again, more information will be provided about the requirements of this paper throughout the course lectures. **As a note, students will not have to collect data and test their hypotheses in this class; rather, they will only have to create a research proposal.

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