Learning Goal: I’m working on a chemical engineering question and need guidance

Learning Goal: I’m working on a chemical engineering question and need guidance to help me learn.
Individuals will perform a HAZOP on a single unit operation of a model power plant based off of the National energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) Vol 1 of ‘Cost and Performance Baseline for Fossil Energy Plants’. You can download the file from this link:
Each student will choose a specific unit of the plant from study area 1 – 7 (identified in red box and labeled as Main Unit). Table shows the study area and the corresponding pages of the document that are related to that unit. Perform a HAZOP of the unit, detailing possible deviations in normal operation and what would be the predicted outcomes of the deviations. Present this information as a table. Identify if the deviations cause issues with product quality (such as reduced energy production) or a hazard (such as loss of containment of steam). You do not need to detail every possible deviation, but should include enough details to address at least 4 deviation of each major inlet/outlet node. You should be able to identify at least 2 nodes (CHE 5292 students, please select 3 nodes). Summarize the findings of your HAZOP analysis and note which deviations you were not able to find corrective actions for (1-2 pages). Suggest a method used for investigating corrective actions.
Here is the content of the report: Cover page, abstract, introduction about the unit operation, HAZOP table, discussions and recommendations, and references (IEEE style). Please use Times New Roman, single space, 12 Font, 1 in margin.

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