Instructions: Attach a Word or PDF document that defines the terms below and ans

Attach a Word or PDF document that defines the terms below and answers the question. Each term should be defined in at least 3-5 sentences. The question in the second part should also have at least 3-5 sentences.
Include citations (MLA or APA) whenever including information from one of this week’s readings. Not including citations will be considered plagiarism.
Define the following terms in your own words and provide at least one example from this week’s readings or videos.
Sexual Orientation
Implicit Bias
What word or words would you assign to your emotional response to this week’s readings? Why do you think you responded in the way you did? What cultural experience or experiences do you think influenced your emotional response?*
*To be more emotionally intelligent, we need to be able to identify our emotional responses to various stimuli and determine how we can manage those emotions in healthier, more productive ways. The culture in which we live acts upon us in ways that we are not always aware of. From the way we dress to the way we speak to others, our cultural experiences inform our lives and influence our worldviews. In our lives and work, we are going to come across information that completely alters or contradicts our worldviews. How we respond to that information is under our control. Do we react with aggression? Do we react with positivity? Again, we can control our own emotional responses. But we need to recognize them first.
Please Watch these two videos

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