Project Goals: Examine the impact that Violence has on sport (players, spectator

Project Goals: Examine the impact that Violence has on sport (players, spectators, coaches, or parents)
Consider the theme of Social Justice through sport as you investigate
Research and report on current activities and trends taking place to reduce violence or promote social justice in sport
Address the level of success within these programs/initiatives
Suggest new strategies or initiatives that would help minimize violence and promote social justice in and around sport
Describe the core factors influencing these situations
Identify how sport properties are attempting to curb this behavior and promote social justice
Contrast the degrees to with sport is a microcosm of society
Length:Minimum of 10 pages (not including cover, and References)Format:Times New Roman, 12 pt. font; Double Spaced, APA FormatRequirements:The paper must be free from spelling errors, and grammatical mistakes. All sources must be referenced according to APA standards. All papers must include a reference page, which must also be in APA format. There is a minimum of 18 sources (avg. 2 per page) with at least 2 coming from the Sports Business Journal, or the Sport Business Professional, or Sport Business Sponsorship database.All papers must be submitted through CanvasSports are an effective instrument that can help improve the quality and development of our children, families and countries in general. The world of sport can also have a negative impact and can be influenced through violence, intimidation, and other detrimental elements that creep into the sporting culture. This paper will explore how violence can have an impact on sport.Project Goals: Examine the impact of intimidation and violence in sport or social justice in sport
Research and report on current activities and trends taking place across YOUR Favorite sport (any sport at any level works as long as you can support your topic with examples and sources)
Look at other programs, players, or teams who may be impacted. Is there a trend in the sport you chose? Is there a solution that can be applied to remedy this situation? Are there current programs in place to reduce or remove these issues? What is a weakness of the program you found? How can the program be improved?
Address how these issues are currently being addressed
Are these programs/initiatives working? What issue are they addressing, and is it important for their situation? Is this the most important issue that they should be addressing with their platform? Support your findings with sources.
Suggest new initiatives that would help improve the situation
What do YOU think? What are the major issues in YOUR Favorite sport, and how can your sport improve social conditions with their influence? Can you conceive a new program that may work for your sport? Did you find a program from another league that would make sense for your league/sport?
What are some fresh ideas that may help impact others, and use the sport platform to start the conversation or initiate change?Describe your ideas, and support your concept with sources.Topic ContentEach paper should address the multiple angles of your topic including but not limited to:What ethical arguments might arise from your suggested program?
What factors have contributed to the current situation?
What rules govern the situation?
What ethical values should govern the situation?
What moral obligations do people in positions of power have?
Are there any solutions to this problem?
Have any other sports been affected by this issue? Will they?
When you are writing your paper try to develop your ideas past the reports, and look at the bigger picture. The underlying social issues will help you understand why things are happening, and will help you develop ideas for solving said problem.As always supporting your ideas with facts, and sources, will only strengthen your points.
Requirements: 10 pages double space 12 front

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