The last assignment for this class asks us to apply what we have learned about i

The last assignment for this class asks us to apply what we have learned about indoor air quality by assessing our own indoor air quality using OSHA guidelines. Note that you can assess either your work building or your home. Although OSHA guidelines only apply to work buildings and not to residential homes, we will use their guidelines for an indoor air quality assessment.
Take a look at your work or home and pick two rooms to provide an indoor air quality assessment. For these two rooms:
Please provide pictures (of two rooms in your home or work building) and assess what indoor air pollutants you would be concerned about. The pictures should provide a comprehensive view of everything in the two rooms. (20 points possible)
Please list the items in each of these two rooms (at least three major items that would be of air quality emissions concern), and then assess what your concerns would be in terms of indoor air pollutants. (40 points possible)
For example, for my gas stove, I would write CO, NOx, and particulates as main concerns since all are given off as part of combustion of all carbon-based fuels in air.
For your whole house or building, review the HVAC system maintenance checklist in terms of humidity, ducts, and filtration system. Please share briefly what your state ventilation code is and how you would use it for this assessment. (10 points possible)
Review general office (or home) checklist for housekeeping, pesticide use, and moisture intrusion. (10 points possible)
Review what can be done to improve indoor air quality according to OSHA and provide a summary paragraph on the two most effective steps you can take to improve your indoor air quality. (20 points possible)
Indoor Air Quality in Commercial and Institutional Buildings:

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