Research problem 1
Problem Statement:
Healthcare workers that were exposed at work during the COVID pandemic became sick even though they were provided with personal protective equipment (PPE).
What kind of PPE were provided to healthcare workers during the COVID pandemic?
To identify better ways of using PPE.
Gather data from different hospitals regarding PPE usage during the COVID pandemic.
Determine if healthcare workers are properly using the provided PPE.
Identify other sources of contamination.

Research problem 2
Problem Statement:
Preterm births <37 weeks of gestation contribute to infant mortality and are the highest within African Americans. Question: What causes preterm labor in African Americans? Aim: To provide ways to prevent preterm births and reducing infant mortality in African Americans with appropriate prenatal care. Objective(s): Identify barriers to prenatal care. Determine contributing factors of preterm births among African American. The minimum word count for each reply is 50 words. Critique their ideas to help them form a good research problem/question. Give feedback with the following in mind: Does either of the top two choices seem appropriate for a five-page paper? (For example, is it too narrow, too broad, etc.) Do you think your colleague will be able to support the topic with current references? Be respectful. You can provide productive feedback in a supportive manner. Remember your feedback might help your colleague fine-tune their research question into one that can be tackled in this class. Full points for rich responses. Partial points for weak responses.

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