Discussion Thread: Case Scenario – Part 3

300 word count
This week we are learning about co-occurring disorders. We have established the client in the case scenario from the Week 2 discussion suffers from alcoholism. Respond to the following:
Based on the Inaba and Cohen textbook readings, and the Integrated Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders video from the Learn section of Module 6: Week 6, what co-occurring disorder(s) are present with our client from the Case Scenario? Support your choice(s) with the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual–V (DSM-V) diagnostic criteria.
What does the scholarly research tell us about the role of spirituality in treating addictions, particularly co-occurring disorders?
In the chart titled, Types of Groups in Addiction Treatment, we see one example of a group is a Christian Focused group. According to the scholarly research, what are two or more considerations in treatment groups for clients who are not of a Christian faith, or do not know where they stand regarding faith and spirituality?

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