Proving Ground 3: Identify Patterns

Critical Thinking Badge
Sub Competency: Identify Patterns
CH 8 (Drawing)
Students recognize commonalities among situations that may at first appear unrelated; frame problems more accurately; and access relevant solutions
Proving Ground Assessment #3

Introducing Art Media
In this assignment, you will be focusing on the use of expressive line by one of our chapter artists.
Before beginning this assignment, reintroduce yourself to the following url… (Links to an external site.)
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Showcasing Henri Matisse’s painting The Red Studio. The imagery of this painting depicts the interior of Matisse’s studio with a display of art objects created with an array of media, such as bronze sculptures, oil paintings, and plaster casts. The history of media used to create art is the history of various technologies employed by artists. These technologies have helped artists both to achieve the ends they desire more readily and to discover new modes of creation and expression. A medium is both the specific material, and the process through which a given work of art is made.

Discuss the decisions an artist contemplates as they choose a medium for an idea or select a medium as their signature method of creating.

What objects in the room appear to be unrelated?

What commonalities are there among artifacts in the room that may at first appeared unrelated?

What types of solutions did Matisse employ to bring unity to the overall painting both in related and nonrelated subject matter?

*While answering 1 -4 above as part of your 300 word essay, also be sure to include art terminology from this chapter and the previous chapters. When art terms are used, please be sure to underline the art term.
*The Student must demonstrate knowledge of Art Elements and Principles of Design, Demonstrate between Processes and Materials, as well as Interpret and evaluate the work of art
*Students will then upload the assignment where it states “submit the assignment”.
* Students will be graded by the rubric below.
*Students must have 85% or above to pass the Proving Ground.

After your submission, please use the following link to take you to week Ten Overview Page…
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